Pamper Your Furry Friends Right

Cats have long been a part of the common household, and they deserve to be treated as a part of the family. What better way to show that you care than to buy them a wonderful cat tree? Cat trees are a great purchase for both the cat and yourself as it provides a space for them to release their natural instincts to climb and scratch on the tree itself and not on your furniture. Having a cat tree also helps with reducing stress, and anger as it allows them to apply their natural territorial sense in a safe manner. For those of you who only have one cat, we have the PawHut 36” Scratching Cat Tree. It’s small enough to conserve space, but large enough to allow a high degree of satisfaction. It has two levels for the cat to jump on, with a dangly toy, and two resting areas. The poles are lined with rope in order to create a safe place for them to scratch with their claws.

Another good, space-saving option is the PawHut Cat Scratching Tree with Tunnel and Ball. This one is best suitable for a cat who isn’t quite active, as it doesn’t allow for much climbing. It’s very low to the ground, with two resting places, two dangling toys, and a small bar to perch upon. The post, and side are lined with scratch-resistant material.

If you do have more than one cat, the Pawhut 55” Cat Tree would be a better option. This tree is multileveled, with 4 different resting spots. A multilevel tree is a good option for those who deal with territorial aggression because they each have their own space to relax in. Poles are lined with rope to encourage scratching. 

Another good option for multiple cat dwellings is the PawHut 60" Cat Tree. This tree has 3 resting spots, with a multitude of levels, as well as a dangling toy for enjoyment. This tree encourages active enjoyment such as climbing, with the many levels. Like with all models, the poles also act as scratching posts for the cats. This tree is taller, standing at 60 inches tall, thus requiring more space for maximum enjoyment. 

Aside from caring for your cats by providing a safe home for them, feeding them, and giving them attention, you can also indulge them in providing various forms of entertainment. These include toys, treats, and of course, cat trees. Cat trees provide shy cats a sense of protection in the open, it helps with aggressive cats, territorial cats, and serves as an outlet for cats to release stress. If there’s any time to purchase a tree, it’s now.

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